There’s a folder on my desktop entitled TOSOTR (The Other Side of The River) which contains page upon page of sheet music, soundtracks and lyrics.  Back in October a buddy of mine asked “Hey Glen do you want to take a shot at being a writer for a youth musicale?”  Fifteen years ago i used to write music for theatre but that was a lonnnnng time ago.  Being the “sure whatever” kind of guy we submitted our names for tender.  A few months passed and we compiled demo reels, sheet music and resumes.  After making the short list where 7 others were considered, we were asked to have a short interview.  Not long after we were awarded the contract. 

So the last few months have been reading scripts and writing music about this show.  What is it? In brief, World Vision has commissioned a theatrical show demonstrating the disparity between first and world nations.  The aim is to not only entertain but educate highschool students and bring an awareness of the world in which we live. The Other Side of the River is a highschool musical.  If you are a music director and have interest in the show, you should contact world vision Canada. 

And so how do you start writing music for a show like this? I’m going to discuss that in the next blog… the basics of writing… the way i see it.