The PlanetsEver since i can remember, i’ve had a fascination with outer space – with a world we will most likely never be able to see, feel or touch.  I am fascinated with the magnitude of the planets.  Did you know that you can fit 1,382 Earths into Jupiter? And then there’s the distance – Saturn is 1.3 billion kilometers away from Earth.  If our moon has a pull of gravity on Earth, just imagine the force from the orbit of the planets around the sun… simply mind boggling.  A friend who is a teacher, when she found out that i was writing educational books exclaimed “Oh you should write a book on the planets”.  Immediately that struck a chord with me (pardon the pun :D).  And so this book is about ethereal soundscapes at the piano.  It combines the mystery, the intrigue and some loose associations with manmade concepts (Mars-war, Venus-love etc).


  1. Mercury
  2. Venus
  3. Earth
  4. Mars
  5. Jupiter
  6. Saturn
  7. Uranus
  8. Neptune
  9. Pluto (even though it’s now officially not a planet)
  10. Planet X