Alright listen up… literally.  Listen for clicks when you play each note on your piano.  The cause? Well… kinda like the last post of Cause & Effect, there are many many things in a piano that could make noise but the most common – 2 things: Loose flange screws and loose flange pins. 

Ok calm down… i know you don’t know what a flange is so i’ve conveniently uploaded a pic for you.  Shown here are the hammer, shank and flange.  The flange is the jointed piece at the bottom that is attached to the hammer rail.  When the hammer strikes the string, believe it or not, the force will go running down the shank and into the flange.  If the flange screw is loose, you’ll hear a click.  After you tighten the flange screw, if it still makes noise, dollars to donuts it’s the flange pin itself.  The flange pin is a small little steel pin.  When it gets worn out and the joint is too loose, it’ll manifest that looseness by clicking.  There you have it! The most common source of ‘clicks’ in pianos.  And like the other post on Cause & Effect… better to ask the technician to remedy the situation.