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How Xbox Helped My Piano Practice

Long before Nintendo, before the days of Sony, before Sega, Collecovision… my dad had invented the Xbox. No seriously. He’s now 86 years of age and well… truth be told he showed me his first Xbox when i was about 5 years of age. Early 70’s… he was WAY ahead of his time… only this “X” box was a chart. OK pictured is the ACTUAL chart from when i was a kid. Call him crazy but these charts are memories of accomplishments for him. Here’s how it works: each time practiced meant one X in the box. Oh THAT kind of Xbox… ya ya… you thought my Dad actually created THE Xbox? Really? Well… not the electronic one anyway. But he DID make the Xbox charts with ruler, pen and paper.

So today i present to you Xbox next generation. Click on the tab above that reads “Free Resources” and there you will find practice charts for Canada’s own technical requirements by grade. Even if you don’t work with a graded system, they are still a fabulous systematic way of working through grade level technique. And so each scale, chord or arpeggio has a row of 25 boxes to be filled in. Remember: practice makes permanent. Enjoy!

FREE Notation Paper in Three Sizes

Ok so just a quick post… don’t say i never do somethin’ nice for ya.  Click on the pics below for 3 different sizes of notation paper. Then simply press PRINT.  Regular is just standard notation – 3 bars per line.  Big lined is larger with only 2 bars per line.  Primary paper is the HUGE big note – one bar per line stuff.  Enjoy.  Compliments of PianoHQ.






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