I get asked this question ALL the time: “Is this a full sized grand?”  Hmmm full size… as opposed to half or quarter? lol.  Well there are about three terms which get bantered about in the world of pianos and they are ‘concert grand’, ‘full size grand’ and ‘baby grand’.  For those in the know, those terms DO get used, however, what is more talked about is size in feet and inches… or in europe, metres.  The size is, first of all measured from the very tip of the keyboard to the very back round part of the grand piano.  The width (left to right) barely changes due to the fact that there are usually the same amount of keys (88) and the rim and ‘cheek blocks’ on either side of the keys don’t vary a lot.  I always count on 60″ to be safe for the width (actuals are anywhere from 57″-60″).  Length, however, varies greatly.  The “baby grand” term usually is defined as 4’11” to about 5’5″.  The ‘full size grand’ varies greatly from 5’7″ to 6’10”.  Just for interest sake, there’s a size (which is my personal favorite) called ‘semi-concert grand’ which is 7’4″ and then there’s the ‘concert grand’ size we see in concert halls at a whopping 9’4″!  The biggest challenge in finding a piano is to become educated in the general categories.  These have evolved into: 5′ , 5’8″, 6’1″, 6’6″, 7’4″ and 9’4″.  Once you familiarize yourself with these lengths, you’ll appreciate the differences in all because they’re REALLY quite different at every stage.  But don’t take my word for it… go out and try playing a few… and for heaven’s sakes… don’t ask if it’s full size… just say you’d like to try some 5’8″ or 6’1″ grands… you’ll look more edumacated…lol.