In one of the songs i was asked to write, the lyrics were as follows: “I wanna go where the peaches hang low, the green grass grow and the sweet streams flow”.  Now lyrics evoke emotions correct?  So the starting point to songwriting is the emotional content.  What then are the feelings of the aforementioned lines?  Well… they speak of the country – peaches, grass and streams.  When you think back to the age of innocence, what does that sound like?  How does one put musical notes to feelings? Well you can eliminate what it WON’T sound like.  Almost like the sculpter with a block of marble, you chistle away the unwanted to retain the wanted.  So things it won’t be: fast, driving, electric.  The country sounds more simple, unhurried and uncomplicated.  Due to the nature of this show, the 3rd world countries are more organic, more home-grown.  And so to me, it expressed almost gospel-type choral parts.

So this musical clip is 1st rehearsal (in other words… don’t be critical hahaa) and it’s also a capella – so no instrumentation.  But it has that feel i heard in my head.  Enjoy!

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